As your florist, Bloom Your Life will help oversee every step of creating the look and feel that you have in mind for your wedding day.
  1. Creating a personal & detailed floral design plan
  2. Taking care of the logistics on the wedding day
  3. Contact with other vendors such as wedding planner, location stylist or photographer Working together with all the vendors creates the best results
  4. We work our magic to create stunning floral arrangements
  5. Providing all the decoration material such as vases, pillars etc


Every wedding is unique and special. Each bride has its own distinct vision for their wedding day. In the beginning, Bloom Your Life will conduct a preliminary consultation to understand your ideas for your wedding day.
We will then create a creative vision in a personalized and detailed floral design plan accordingly to your wishes. When you like to work with us as your wedding florist, we like for you to set the date with us.
When we have set the date for you, we can add, change and make corrections to the vision board until the plan is completely like your wishes.
We can meet at the venue if you like and we can contact other vendors such as stylists or photographers.

In our experience,  we have come up with a time-line for the floral decoration proces.
  1. Consultation in our Studio
  2. Create an creative vision
  3. Retainer to set the wedding date
  4. Corrections and addings
  5. Meeting on location (optional)
  6. Final go-through with wedding planner
  7. Deliver personal decorations
  8. Deliver general decorations
  9. Style on location
  10. Restyle decorations on location (optional)
  11. Collecting decoration material at the venue
We are more than willing to support you in every step of the process. That way, we can ensure you that the wedding day will be as desired.